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Wool you be my ?

Hand-dyed yarns for Valentines Day? Yes, it's that time so sending lots of love to your Valentine, Palentine or Galentine. I have dyed some special signature reds which you can see on my instagram psge @kissi_design. I'm particularly pleased with a rich, red ruby tonal 100gr skein I've created and called Ruby, Don't Take Your love to honour of one of my favourite country and western songs and I'm not a C&W fan but for some reason just love that song.

When Valentines Day is over I turn my mind to foraging. Quite a leap of connection but I need to forage and dye a whole collection of natural plant dyes for my upcoming market stall at The Frome Independent Market in Frome, Somerset. I'm really excited about my first foray into local market selling. If you're in the area look out for me on Sunday 2nd March. Just a small suitcase pitch I'm told but I'll be there..... I collected young nettle tops a couple of days ago and prepared them for dyeing. The end result was a grey-green, more a light sage. I dyed an initial100gr. had hoped for a foresty-green but nature dictates after all. With natural, botanic dyeing I have to accept that I'm not always in control of the end product but the amazing thing is you can never make a mistake, whatever the colour the plant dye yields it will in most case be soft and muted and always match other naturally dyed yarns. What's not to love this February month?!!!


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