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september we remember the End of an era

it seems somehow trivial to be writing a September blog about hand-dyed yarn right now just days after the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth 11 with all its majesty, pomp and symbolism. The end of the Elizabethan era and the start of the Carolean era. Sounds strange to say but as with everything we will adapt. And adapt we do as seasons change and those heady days of heatwave summer give way to autumn hues, falling leaves and thoughts of blackberry picking in the surrounding hedges and lanes.

I am now thinking of foraging plants, fruits and fibres for my next batch of hand-dyed yarn for botanical, natural dyeing. It's time having just returned from holiday abroad and forest walks where acorns were already littering the soft earth underfoot where they had cascaded from the canopy of oak leaves above penetrating a sombre September sky.

I will be doing some more resesrch to see what combinations of colours I can obtain from my dye liqueurs if I mix them with various natural mordants. Keep watching the website for updates on my progress.

Apart from dyeing botancal shades for my hand-dyed yarns I am busy fulfilling orders for my advent yarn sets. The sets of 12 days of advent showcasing naturally dyed yarns are selling well and I can still take some orders if you are searching for an original advent present for friends or family.

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